RW Commercial Property Management Inc


Because we think big, but stay focussed
You need the knowledge, experience, and tools of an industry giant, but you want a personal, hands-on approach. That’s what you get with RW.

Commitment to quality

We treat your asset as if it was our own, because our success depends on yours. We’ll take on your project with the same dedication you would show. Count on progressive practices to monitor, maintain, and grow your asset. Your goals are our goals – maximum efficiency, high return on investment, and satisfied, long-term tenants.

Lean and effective
On time and on budget? With our straightforward approach, you’ll see how it can happen. We have a small, attentive, self-sufficient staff with a wealth of expertise and professionalism. There are no layers to sift through when you deal with RW.

Trusted supplier management
We know you want the best from us and from our partners. Because we draw from an extensive pool of top-quality service-providers, we present you with the right supplier for your needs, and always at the right price. And we’re flexible – we have built solid relationships with our suppliers, but we are not obliged to any.

Clear and comprehensive reporting
The finest in industry software and systems assure you of precise reporting – everything you need to know when you need to know it. Rely on RW’s advanced information technology and database systems that provide peace of mind and profitability for you, and easy living for your valued tenants.

No obligations to competing properties
We want to lease your property. That’s it. Our only focus is supporting you.

An open door
Along the way, we’re always ready to talk. You can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want, the way you want it done. What’s your vision? We’ll make it happen.



RW Commercial Property Management
20 King Street West | Suite 1200 | Toronto, Ontario | M5H 1C4 | 416 362 8484